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620/70R42 80%
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More High-quality Grain. Less Fuel. Take That to the Bank

Introducing NEW CR Series combines from New Holland. They continue the more than 35-year pure Twin Rotor® bloodline, offering superior multi-pass threshing and best-in-class grain and straw quality. You can also expect industry leading stone protection thanks to the new, Dynamic Stone Protection™ system and superior residue management flexibility with features like the new Opti-Spread™ system. Another thing you can always count on from New Holland? New innovations that increase your productivity and ROI.

Decrease Your Operating Costs

The new Tier 4A engines that power CR Series combines not only decrease emissions, they decrease your fuel bills. They feature New Holland’s ECOBlue™ SCR technology that turns cool, clean air into more power while using less fuel for up to 10% fuel savings. When combined with long, 600-hour service intervals, and high-efficiency features like the IntelliCruise™ feeding system and the new Dynamic Stone Protection™ system that allows you to harvest in extremely stony conditions without stopping, it’s clear new CR Series combines are designed to increase your profitability.

Engine Features
  • Clean-breathing Engines That Save You Up to 10% -- Take That to the Bank: New CR Series combines benefit from the clean power and performance of FPT Industrial Cursor 9, 10 and 13 engines with ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A-compliance.
  • The ECOBlue Advantage: Breathability: By using ECOBlue technology with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and DEF/AdBlue® after treatment, the nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas are converted to harmless water and nitrogen. This treatment is separate from the air intake which means an SCR engine “breathes” only clean fresh air, ensuring optimal combustion conditions.
  • Reduced RPM Saves You Money, Too: By The engines powering new CR Series combines are not only helping to save the environment, they help to save you a nice chunk of change, too - up to 10% savings in fuel! During transport, engines can run at a low 1600 rpm. Reduced engine rpm at idle helps reduce fuel consumption, too.
  • Cooler Is Better: CR Tier 4 ECOBlue SCR engines run much cooler than previous Tier 3 engines, allowing for better fuel economy, and in some models, increased net power.
Feeding Features
  • Smooth Feeding. Even Crop Flow. Higher Capacity -- Take That to the Bank: New CR Series combines feature a significantly upgraded feeding system that enhances its already highly efficient operation.
  • Reinforced Feeder: New Holland increased feeder housing strength and increased lift capacity significantly to ensure maximum reliability and performance, even with the very largest headers. New Holland has also improved service access, reduced service requirements, increased reversing force and increased lateral float angle. Four feeder chains with connecting slats are now standard on the largest CR combine models - the CR8090 and CR9090 - for maximum durability, and improved crop flow and feeding to the Twin Rotors®.
  • IntelliCruise™ Smoothness: The IntelliCruise™ automatic crop feeding system automatically matches the forward speed to crop load. A sensor on the feeder driveline continually monitors the demand placed on the header. In areas with lighter crop, forward speed automatically increases to guarantee the CR combine works at full capacity.
  • Terrain Tracer™ Lateral Float System: When harvesting on uneven ground, the Terrain Tracer system ensures you capture every grain of crop. The system automatically raises the head vertically and tilts the head laterally to follow the contours of your fields using the mode you choose: Compensation Mode - ideal for low-growing crops like peas and beans, this mode maintains a pre-established contact pressure; Stubble Height Mode - maintains a pre-set stubble height using sensors on the underside of the header; AutoFloat™ Mode - uses a combination of sensors to maintain a uniform stubble height, plus prevents bulldozing.
  • Reverse Out Slugs: New Holland’s unique header/reverser system allows you to reverse-out slugs and slowly feed material back into the combine. Simply disengage the header/feeder drive by flipping a rocker switch on the right-hand console. The “+” and “–” buttons on the multifunction handle operate the feeder in reverse and forward directions.
  • Fast Head Hook-up: An easy one-lever, left-side head latching system provides safe, secure and fast head connection while standing comfortably beside the feeder. A hydraulic multi-coupler provides one-step quick connect and disconnect for all hydraulic functions
  • The Widest Selection of Heads In the Business: New Holland offers the widest variety of heads to harvest a vast array of crops. From small grain to grass and flower seeds, from rice to corn and beans, New Holland has the perfect match for high capacity CR Twin Rotor® combines. Header options include: 72C rigid cutterbar auger heads; 740CF Super Flex cutterbar auger heads; 760CG Varifeed™ rigid cutterbar auger heads; 790CP windrow pickup heads; 88C floating cutterbar draper heads; 880CF Super Flex cutterbar draper heads; 92C rice draper head; 94C grain draper heads; 98D corn heads; 99C chopping corn heads
Stone Protection Features
  • Even a Small Stone Won't Stop Your Productivity -- Take That to the Bank: New Holland introduces another industry-first: a choice between two stone protection systems that prevent costly stone damage and downtime. New CR Series combines are available with the well proven Advanced Stone Protection™ system or the NEW Dynamic Stone Protection (DSP) system.
  • New Dynamic Stone Protection™ System: This is an all-new, on-the-go mechanical system designed by New Holland to achieve maximum feeding efficiency and stone detection effectiveness in extremely stony conditions. Stones are automatically directed by an 18-inch-diameter, closed beater into a dedicated, stone trap located between the feeder and rotors. There’s no stopping, no hesitation, no interruption of the harvesting process whatsoever. You keep on harvesting for an increase of up to 10% in daily capacity when operating in stony conditions. Simply empty the stone trap module during routine maintenance. The addition of the Dynamic Stone Protection™ system between the feeder and rotors improves feeding performance, and reduces the risk of crop roping, especially in heavy, damp conditions.
  • Advanced Stone Protection™ System: The Advanced Stone Protection (ASP™) system uses two electro-acoustic sound filters to “listen” for stones both large and small and stop the head and feeder automatically when a stone is detected. The full-width ejection door opens to allow the stones to escape easily. It requires minimum operator input. An alarm and message appears on the IntelliView™ IV monitor to alert you that the door is open. To continue harvesting, simply reverse and raise the feeder to close the door. The ASP system detects stones, with minimum false detection and without mechanical parts to impede crop flow. And, it ensures an unobstructed flow of crop from the feeder to the rotors for enhanced grain and straw quality, increased capacity, and of course, the protection of internal components.
Twin Rotor Design Features
  • Unsurpassed Grain Quality -- Take That to the Bank: New Holland invented the Twin Rotor® concept over 35 years ago and has refined this evolving technology so that it delivers unsurpassed efficiency, capacity and grain quality. It’s also a design that is extremely flexible, making it easy to adapt a CR combine to suit crops, conditions, operations and preferences.
  • More Centrifugal Force: Twin rotors generate 36% to 40% more centrifugal force than any other rotary design, moving the grain quickly for faster separation and maximum throughput. This faster separation virtually eliminates grain damage and loss.
  • Gentle Threshing, Higher Quality: A high level of grain-on-grain rubbing action releases grain quickly and gently - before it comes in contact with metal threshing components. This ensures gentle threshing with minimal damage; the Twin Rotor® system delivers outstanding grain quality.
  • Staggered, Segmented and Spiraled: New Holland’s standard “S3” rotors are Staggered, Segmented and Spiraled to control the crop, moving material evenly without bunching and reducing the opportunities for grain damage. The CR8090 and CR9090 use a 22-inch S3 rotor with three intake flights, while smaller CR models use a 17-inch S3 rotor with two intake flights.
  • Optional Twin Pitch Rotors: For more aggressive separation in difficult harvesting conditions, 22-inch Twin Pitch rotors featuring 44 elements are available. They can be configured for rice and small grains and are particularly suited for damp conditions where they can offer up to a 10% increase in capacity. Kits are available to permit operations to select and convert between rice and small grain configurations when needed.
  • Fully Customizable: A full range of accessories allows you to customize your CR combines for your specific needs, including rasp bars, agitation pins, separating wedges, as well as concaves and separator grates.
Cleaning System Features
  • The Cleanest Grain Sample -- Take That to the Bank: New CR Series combines deliver the industry’s cleanest grain sample, hands down. How? It’s the world’s most advanced cleaning system.
  • Self-leveling Shoe: The entire cleaning system - the grain pan, cleaning fan and sieves - remain level while the lower main frame follows the ground contours. This allows grain to always remain level for maximum cleaning efficiency and it allows you to operate in many different crops and conditions with minimal adjustments.
  • Efficient Cleaning on Slopes Up to 15%: The self-leveling cleaning system is incredibly efficient on flat ground, and maintains this efficiency on slopes up to 15%. CR Series combines operate at full capacity on hillsides, corners and terraces. And, the system even prevents grain banking on headland turns to reduce grain losses.
  • Efficiency From Front to Back: While the cleaning systems on other combines use augers, which actually serve to mix grain and chaff together, the unique New Holland grain pan sets up for efficiency right from the start. Since the large grain pan has no dividers, grain can spread out, stratify and separate easily. When the grain falls from the grain pan, the pre-cleaning sieve improves cleaning efficiency by immediately separating up to 20% of the stratified grain. A long sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keeps more material airborne for even greater cleaning efficiency.
  • Enormous Cleaning Area: With a total area under wind control of 10,075 square inches on the CR8090 and CR9090, and 8,370 square inches on smaller models, the CR cleaning system efficiently handles huge grain volumes.
  • Precision Air Flow: The unique CR combine fan design generates the largest air volume at a constant pressure. The fan has two dedicated openings to direct powerful airstreams to the pre-sieve and the top and bottom sieves for optimum cleaning performance.
  • Adjust Sieves From Your Seat: In changing crop conditions, you can adjust the sieves from the comfort of the cab to open the sieve in heavier crops or reduce the sieve opening in lighter crops to prevent losses and improve efficiency.
Grain Handling Features
  • High-volume Grain and Residue Management -- Take That to the Bank: New CR Series combines give you complete control of grain, chaff and straw.
  • More Grain Holding Capacity: CR Series combines feature large grain tanks - from 315 to 350 bushels with foldable extensions - the perfect match for high Twin Rotor capacity. For even greater capacity and convenience, chose the new, electronically folding grain tank covers to expand grain tank capacity to 326 to 355 bushels, for less frequent unloading and more time spent harvesting. You activate the covers from the comfort of the cab.
  • Faster Unloading: New Holland has increased unloading speed to 3.7 bushels per second - a 15% increase - which means the largest grain tank can emptied in less than two minutes.
  • Flexible Residue Management: Our complete residue management system allows you to switch between chopping and dropping with a flip of a lever, without tools.
  • Opti-Spread™ Straw Management System: The powerful new Opti-Spread™ system option, mounted behind the straw chopper, uses two spinning rotors and two adjustable deflectors to evenly distribute chopped straw across the full header width. It meets a wide range of spreading width requirements. You control the system conveniently using three controls located inside the cab. Spread width is controlled by opening and closing the deflectors . Adjusting the deflectors also controls evenness of spread and neutralizes the effects of side winds or sloping ground, and the system includes automatic memory of deflector position to both right and left.
  • Straw Ideal for Baling: CR Series combine straw is perfect for baling. Twin Rotor™ technology offers perfect in-line crop flow, and eliminates the need for aggressive changes in speed and direction. As a result, the straw structure is maintained and breakages are minimal, even when working at the highest outputs. This makes its straw perfect for baling. The deluxe residue management system with PSDTM Positive Straw Discharge provides complete control of chaff and swath , easily changing from chopping to swathing. The twin-disc chaff spreader can spread the chaff or it can be directed onto the ground, under the straw to be baled.
  • Chop Fine, Spread Wide: New Holland straw choppers are the perfect match for CR Series combine performance. Four rows of knives with wind blades installed at the outer edges of the rotor for high spreading capacity plus a high, 3500-rpm rotor-speed, ensures fine chopping and wide spreading of even the heaviest crops.
  • Traditional Straw Chopping and Spreading: For corn customers who are looking for traditional simplicity, the standard residue management system is a economical and robust solution that guarantees output.
Cab Features
  • Better Comfort and Visibility. Better Productivity -- Take That to the Bank: The Harvest Suite™ cab leads the industry in size and windshield area, providing more comfort, better visibility and superior harvest control.
  • The Name Says It All: The CR combine cab is called the Harvest Suite because if offers 110 cubic feet of space, with more usable room in all directions, including headroom, legroom and space behind the seat.
  • More Than 62.3 Square Feet of Glass: The curved, tinted windshield delivers an uncompromised view to front and sides. New Holland's longer feederhouse design provides for an outstanding view of both the head and the after-cut. The wide inspection window at the rear of the cab allows for easy checks of the grain tank level and grain quality.
  • Best-in-Class Lighting: Eight work lights on the cab roof, four on the cab’s underside and two row-finder lights on the mirror brackets provide 360-degree illumination. Standard rotating beacons aid in road transport and signal that the grain tank is full. Four rearview mirrors (two are heated) can be positioned electronically from inside the cab. For the ultimate in long distance lighting, optional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are available.
  • Smooth, Quiet and Comfortable: Enjoy standard cab comfort with a fully adjustable air-suspension seat, an adjustable steering column and a full-width instructional seat. Four rubber silencer blocks make this cab virtually vibration-free and the quietest on the market. You also receive automatic temperature control and generous storage space and also the option of grey leather seating.
  • New IntelliView™ IV Color Display: The new, IntelliView IV color touchscreen display monitors all combine functions and allows you to monitor a wide variety of performance information at a glance. The display offers direct USB connectivity for data collection and can display images from up to three camera inputs.
  • Fingertip Control: The adjustable control console to your right lets you enjoy fingertip access to all cutting, feeding, threshing, separating and cleaning system controls. An adjustable, in-line, multi-function handle gives you ready control of the hydrostatic drive, header, reel, unloading auger swing and engagement, as well as an emergency stop control. Programmable push-button crop settings allow quick, easy movement from one crop to another. The electronic four-speed transmission makes shifting as easy as turning a dial.
SmartTrax™ Features
  • SmartTrax™ Rubber Tracks Option: You can order a CR combine factory-equipped with SmartTrax™ rubber tracks to improve your productivity. Not only do SmartTrax offer superior traction in damp and muddy conditions, they decrease soil compaction to enhance soil fertility. SmartTrax offer 60% less soil compaction compared to 520/85R42 duals. Yet you get a turning radius that’s comparable to a 900/60R32 single-wheeled machine. With +/- 10-degree oscillation, SmartTrax moves easily over levees, swales and ditches to keep you moving in uneven terrain. And, tracks are tensioned automatically when you raise the header to full height or swing the unloading auger out or in - how’s that for convenience? Additional time-saving features: 21-mph road speed - fast travel between fields; No grease zerks - no daily maintenance required.
Precision Land Management Features
  • Precision That Pays -- Take That to the Bank: New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) equipment gives you the information you need to maximize crop production and equipment performance. New Holland PLM equipment can be factory or field-installed on your new CR Series combine to match your precision farming needs.
  • Optional IntelliSteer™ Auto Guidance: The IntelliSteer system is an integral part of the combine’s steering system and uses global positioning technology to guide you and keep you harvesting a maximum efficiency. IntelliSteer benefits include: Less fatigue; Full and more effective use of header cutting width, which leads to higher capacity in a day
  • Real-time Integrated Yield and Moisture Readings: The New Holland moisture sensor measures grain moisture every 30 seconds and displays results on the IntelliView IV monitor to keep the operator continually informed. The patented New Holland yield sensor provides high accuracy with less calibration. The sensor plate mounted in the top of the grain elevator incorporates a pivoting device and counterweight to keep the system balanced when working on slopes, and reduces the friction effect of various grain moistures and densities to ensure precise measurement. Unlike other yield measurement systems, there's no need to recalibrate when you change crops. (Requires one-load calibration per crop types with significant yield variation.)
  • Map, Analyze and Print Data: Use the valuable field data collected with your DGPS system yield and moisture sensors to prepare yield maps and better understand yield variations. Yield and moisture readings are stored on a usb drive, which may be downloaded to a personal computer. New Holland Precision Farming mapping software lets you view and thoroughly analyze data
  • Multiple Signal Capability: Use the global positioning receiver with Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) correction reports your precise geographic location as you harvest. It's capable of receiving both Coast Guard beacon differential and L-Band satellite differential for parallel tracking. WAAS: +/- 6 to 8 inch pass-to-pass; +/- 3 feet year-to-year repeatable; OmniSTAR XP: +/- 3 to 5 inch pass-to-pass; +/- 8 inch year-to-year repeatable; OmniSTAR HP: +/- 2 to 4 inch pass-to-pass; +/- 4 inch year-to-year repeatable; RTK : +/- 1 inch pass-to-pass; +/- 1 inch year-to-year repeatable
Maintenance Features
  • Less Time Servicing. More Time Harvesting -- Take That To The Bank: New CR Series combines are designed to make the most of your harvest season with easy service access, simplified sight gauges and super-long, 600-hour service intervals, you harvest earlier and spend less time getting ready.
  • Glide-open Shielding: The large, formed-metal, “gull-wing” side shields open effortlessly on gas struts, giving you wide access to all drives and service points. Oil filters and drain points and the central grease banks are right there, at ground level, for efficient maintenance. From the engine platform, the engine and hydraulic oil can be checked at a glance without opening any complicated panels. The fuel and AdBlue/DEF tanks are also located here for easy, simultaneous filling. Additional servicing convenience features: Under-shield light kit makes it easy to see, even in low-light conditions; Large doors for easy access to rotors, concaves and separator grates; Plastic rotor covers can be removed without tools for seasonal checks; Optional on-board air compressor provides easy cleaning throughout the machine; Platforms, steps and fold-away ladders help you easily reach all service areas.
  • Easy-access Rotary Dust Screen: The rotary dust screen opens wide for easy cleaning. Optional air compressor connections further facilitate cleaning. During corn harvesting operations, a brush can be installed to clear the screen, or for extreme conditions choose the rotary air cleaner which directs a high-pressure jet of air every two minutes to keep the dust screen free of debris.
  • Triple Check: You can expect the very best in after-the-sale support from your New Holland dealer. The Triple Check program allows for free after-season inspections by your New Holland dealer after the first two seasons of use so your CR Series combine is in top shape and ready to go for the next harvest.
  • Top Service: While you’re harvesting - when you need it most - New Holland and your New Holland dealer of course, you can count on round-the-clock support during the warranty period from your New Holland dealer.
Combine Class
  • Combine Class: 8
Automatic Header Control Systems
  • Terrain Tracer™ system: Standard
  • Autofloat™ system: Standard
Straw Elevator Specifications
  • Number of chains: 4
  • ASP™ system (Advanced Stone Protection): Standard
  • Dynamic Stone Protection™ system: Optional
  • Fixed feeder drive: Standard
  • Variable feeder drive: Optional
  • IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position: Standard
  • ACS (Automatic Crop Settings: Standard
  • Air-conditioning and coolbox: Standard
  • Automatic climate control: Standard
  • MP3 radio: Optional
  • Harvest Suite™ Cab Volume ft.³ (m³): 62.3 (5.8)
New Holland Precision Land Management System Specifications
  • IntelliSteer™ ready automatic guidance system: Standard
  • IntelliCruise™ system: Optional
  • Full precision farming package including:
  • Yield measuring and moisture measuring, D-GPS yield mapping: Optional
  • Desktop software and software support service: Optional
Twin Rotor® Technology Specifications
  • S³ rotors: Standard
  • Twin Pitch rotors: Optional
  • Rotor diameter in. (mm): 22 (559)
  • Rotor length in. (mm): 104 (2632)
  • Adjustable rotor vanes: Optional
Cleaning Specifications
  • Self-levelling cleaning shoe: Standard
  • Enhanced shake shoe cleaning system: Standard
  • Total sieve area under wind control in.² (m²): 8370 (5.4)
Graintank and Unloading Specifications
  • Graintank manual folding extensions bushels (L): 350 (12,333)
  • Graintank electric folding cover bushels (L): 355 (12,500)
  • Unloading speed bu/sec (L/sec): 3.7 (126)
Engine Specifications
  • Engine Compliant with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations: FTP Cursor 10 (10.7)
  • ECOBlue™ SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction): Standard
  • Gross engine power @ 2100 rpm (CV) HP: 449
  • Maximum engine power @ 2000 rpm (CV) HP: 490
  • Approved biodiesel blend: B5
  • Engine blow off system: Optional
Fuel Tank Specifications
  • Diesel capacity gal. (L): 265 (1000)
  • AdBlue capacity gal. (L): 32 (120)
Transmission Specifications
  • Differential lock: Optional
  • Road transport speed 20 mph: Standard
  • Road transport speed 25 mph: Optional
  • Factory installed SmartTrax™ system: Optional
Residue Management Specifications
  • Integrated straw chopper: Standard
  • PSD™ (Positive Straw Discharge) belt: Optional
  • Opti-Spread™ residue management: Optional
  • Weight - Standard version less header and less strawchopper lbs. (kg): 38,517 (17,471)
  • Dimensions with traction wheels / tracks: 900/60 R32
  • Maximum width - transport ft. (m): 10' 10" (3.3)
Biodiesel blend must fully comply with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operator Traction wheels other than those mentioned are also available, varies with machine configurations



FTP Cursor 10 (10.7 L), Tier 4 compliant
Horse Power
Gross: 449 hp; Maximum: 490 hp


Twin Rotor®
10 ft. 10 in. (3.3 m)
38,517 lb. (17,471 kg)