2018 H&S Manufacturing 4112 4100 Series Hi-Capacity Rake

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H&S Manufacturing
4112 4100 Series Hi-Capacity Rake



  • Raking wheels positioned ahead of the rake arms, main frame beams and transport wheels.
  • Coupled with a high and wide end of frame there are no hang-up points or restrictions when raking the heaviest of hay crops. Windrow width adjustment is done with a hand crank.
  • Rake opens and closes hydraulically, rake wheels are lowered and raised hydraulically, and the rake wheels float independently.
  • The 12 wheel model Hi-Capacity rake can be configured as both a v-rake or with the right side open as a trailer rake.
  • Hi-Capacity rakes fold up to 8' 6" or less with the touch of a lever for road transport or to go through gates.
  • The rake arms on the 14 and 16 wheel hi-capacity rakes feature 2 roller bearings on each end of the arm for long life, smooth operation and less wear than rakes with bushings.
  • Limited oscillating offset tandem transport wheels assure a smooth, level ride, even over irrigation tracks. Standard on the 14 & 16 wheel models and optional on the 12 wheel model.
  • An adjustment for the ground pressure on the rake wheels allows the operator to fine tune the 12, 14 and 16 wheel Hi-Capacity rakes to fit varying conditions.
  • An adjustable brake band on top of the front spindle keeps the front gauge wheels from spinning in rough conditions.
  • Number of Wheels: 12
  • Wheel Diameter: 55"
  • Teeth Per Wheel: 40
  • Tooth Diameter: 7mm
  • Transport Width: 8' 6"
  • Transport Length: 24' 6"
  • Windrow Width Adjustment: 38"- 58"
  • Raking Width: Up To 24' Hyd. Set.
  • Raking Wheel Hubs: Tapered Bearings
  • Wing Flex: 3' Up or Down
  • Number of Transport Wheels: 4
  • Hitch Jack: Standard
  • Center Kicker Wheels: Optional
  • Gauge Wheels: 15"
  • Transport Wheels: 15"
  • Weight: 3500 lb.
Warranty: See Operators Manual for warranty details and limitations. H&S reserves the right to change its products or the description at any time without notice or obligation. Models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Working Width
Up To 24 ft. Hyd. Set.
8 ft. 6 in.
3500 lb.

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