2018 H&S Manufacturing X-15 Rake

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H&S Manufacturing
X-15 Rake



  • The H&S X-15 Rakes feature a highly maneuverable short turning radius, no caster wheel design, and an overhead frame design for high volume capacity of the crop.
  • The variable main frame width adjustment opens symmetrically. Hitch height and beam fore and aft tilt are controlled by a simple ratchet jack.
  • Hydraulic adjust beam angle as standard equipment.
  • The X-15 Rake has a proven ground pressure system and rake arm design.
  • Tandem ST175/80D13 tires w/rims are standard equipment.
  • The X-15 Rake has 100% coverage, there is no need for center kicker wheels. The 3 wheel extension can be locked up if not needed.
  • One side raking can be done with the right or left side.
  • The hydraulic beam angle kit adjusts right and left beam angles.
  • An electric-over-hydraulic toggle switch adjusts the left and right beam angle - the neutral position of the toggle switch adjusts main frame width.
  • Optional rake wheel wind boards help to keep the crop from wrapping on the rake wheels.
  • Work lights are optional.
  • Wheel Diameter: 55"
  • Teeth Per Wheel: 40
  • Tooth Diameter: 7mm (.275")
  • Rake Wheel Hubs: Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Transport Width: 10' 4"
  • Transport Length: 31' 6"
  • Windrow Width Adjustment: Up To 46"
  • Raking Width: Up To 25'
  • Hitch Jack: Standard
  • Standard Transport Wheels: (4-Tandem) ST175/80D13
  • Weight: 3023#
  • Rake Wheel Wind Guards: Optional
  • Transport Lights: Optional
  • Horsepower Requirements: 40 (30kw)
  • Hydraulic Requirements: 1 Double Acting Remote For Main Frame Open And Close. 1 Single Acting Remote For Rake Wheel Lift.
  • Electrical Requirements: + 12 Volt Power Source For Hydraulic Beam Angle Kit.
Warranty: See Operators Manual for warranty details and limitations. H&S reserves the right to change its products or the description at any time without notice or obligation. Models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Working Width
Up To 25 ft.
10 ft. 4 in.
3023 lb.