2018 MacDon Industries FD75 FlexDraper® 40 ft (12.2 m)

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FD75 FlexDraper® 40 ft (12.2 m)



True FlexDraper® No Compromise

The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® is our latest innovation in FlexDraper technology. Even at maximum flex our fixed reel to cutter bar relationship stays true, maintaining a consistently small critical gap between the reel fingers and cutter bar. This close reel to cutter bar relationship results in smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding that significantly boosts combine productivity. That means you get up to 45’ (13.7m) of true ground following characteristics that won’t compromise performance.

Smooth, Consistent, Heads-First Feeding. It's What Sets Our Machines Apart.

MacDon 5 Series Drapers are designed to provide smooth, consistent headsfirst feeding to the combine, even in the most challenging harvest conditions. Feeding crop heads-first is the best way to get the most performance out of your combine - burning less fuel and taking less time to process means getting the crop off quicker and more efficiently. Here's How We Do It....

• Close Reel to Cutterbar Relationship - The MacDon FD75 features a fixed cutter bar to reel relationship. A small critical gap between the reel fingers and the cutter bar is maintained at all times, even when in full flex, ensuring smooth feeding of the crop over the entire width of the MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® Header.

• Active Float System - The CA25 works with the auto-header-height-control of the combine which allows for instant float-response over changing ground conditions. Coil springs mechanically provide lateral and vertical float of the header, independent of the combine feeder house which allows the FlexDraper® to float over rolling and uneven terrain.

• Reel Performance - The MacDon reel offers 4 adjustable cam positions, allowing you to select the setting that best suits your harvest conditions. Positions 1 and 2 are for fair harvest conditions with ripe standing crop and no green weeds or undergrowth. Positions 3 and 4 allow you to put the reel in front of and below the cutter bar for lifting downed and low podding crop. You can also use the header tilt and fore-aft reel positioning for even more aggressive action when required.

• True Ground Following Characteristics - The MacDon FD75 is a floating, three-section flexible header with a split reel allowing the entire header frame, cutter

Product Highlights
  • Conforms to the ground with minimal ground pressure.
  • Can be easily and quickly locked into rigid configuration.
  • The reel is easily adjustable to one of 4 cam positions to match harvest conditions.
  • Hydraulically adjusted reel fore-aft and header tilt functions allow easy, on-the-go changes for harvesting conditions.
  • The C-shaped cutter bar promotes smoother crop flow with one of the industry’s shortest transitions from cutterbar to the draper. Even in shatter-prone crops, it maintains a tight draper to cutter bar seal for better harvest performance.
  • Featuring the proven durability of the MacDon wobble box drive, the hydraulic knife drive enables adjustments to the sickle speed based on specific harvesting conditions.
  • Spare knife storage is now provided on 40’ (12.2m) and 45’ (13.7m) double knife headers.
Product Features
  • Critical Gap - It's the FD75 Advantage: The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® features a fixed cutter bar to reel relationship. This means a small critical gap between the reel fingers and the cutter bar is maintained at all times, even when in full flex. This small gap ensures smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding of the crop over the entire width of the FlexDraper® Header, up to 45' (13.7m). That’s innovation significantly boosting combine productivity.
  • FD75 FLEXDraper®: The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® is a floating, three-section flexible header with a split reel allowing the entire header frame, cutter bar and reel to follow ground contours as a unit – while maintaining the small, consistent reel to cutter bar relationship. This is important for smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding to the combine – even at maximum flex. This means excellent ground following capabilities even on terraces or ditches.
  • The Other Guys: On the other hand, the other guys' rigid frame relies on the movement of the flexible cutter bar to follow ground contours. To accommodate the flex, reel fingers must have excessive clearance to avoid damage from the cutter bar. This results in a large gap and inconsistent relationship between the reel and cutter bar as the cutter bar follows contours in the field.
  • Ultimate 2-in-1 Header: The FD75 FlexDraper® switches easily from flex to rigid application with the quick flip of a lever. This amazing feature allows the FD75 to provide outstanding performance in just about any crop and under any ground condition. Available in 30’ (9.1m) to 45’ (13.7m) widths, making this the most productive Draper Header that MacDon has ever produced.
  • Extraordinary Reel Design for Outstanding Performance: MacDon's patented PR15 pick-up reel has been engineered to deliver optimal performance. The remarkable movement of this reel provides aggressive yet gentle finger action, resulting in the best pick-up action and crop recovery in the industry. Along with 4 cam positions, header tilt control, and fore-aft reel positioning, this reel can be specifically adjusted to meet your harvest conditions.
  • Improved Visibility, Clean Design, Operating Convenience: Visibility of the float and tilt has been improved. Mounting the tilt indicator directly on the cylinder with a simplified design makes it easier for the operator to see. Automatic header height control and hydraulic header tilt are now standard features on all 5 Series Drapers.
  • The Active Float System Advantage: The auto-header-height-control on combines is a reactive system, meaning that it needs time to "react" to changing ground conditions. For example, if it takes 1 second to react, at 6 mph (10km/h) you will have already traveled 8' (2.5m). This lag may cause the header to get caught up on uneven terrain making for uneven cutting and/or unnecessary dirt ingestion. The active float system of the MacDon CA25 allows for an instant response over all kinds of ground conditions.
  • Cutterbar Poly: This kit is a compression molded component that has very high wear characteristics. It is used when cutting low podding crops like soybeans, lentils, or other lodged crops. The smooth design characteristics make this kit ideal for muddy harvesting conditions by reducing the likelihood of mud building up on the cutterbar. This kit is available for all header sizes.
  • Reel Fore-Aft - Hydraulic Positioner: Adjust the reel position to changing crop and field conditions on-the-go from the cab.
  • Castings Replacing Weldments: Many of the complicated weldments have been replaced with castings. This simple change allows for a more repeatable product - which in turn makes your product last longer than ever before.
  • Parker Hoses and Couplers: By using high-quality Parker hoses throughout the FD75, we have been able to provide the most reliable FlexDraper to date.
  • Rigid to Flex in Seconds: Convert your FD75 from rigid (lock) to flex (unlock) in seconds. It is really that simple!
  • Draper Tension Increased 33%: This simple change allows the drapers to be tensioned up to 33% more than previous FlexDraper headers, improving the drive to drapers for handling the heaviest of crop loads.
  • Reel End Shields Redesigned: The reel endshields were redesigned for less carryover of crop and to allow more clearance between the reel and header endshields.
  • Robust Reel Drive: The MacDon pick-up reel is the most robust on the market. The special cam arms are manufactured in cast-iron to ensure it can withstand the toughest crop conditions.
  • Reel Positioner Indication: Reel position can be critical to the performance of your header in certain crops. Simple reel positioner indication is offered to allow your operators to better determine where their reel works best.
  • Steel Reel Fingers: An optional steel finger configured FD75 is now available. This feature is useful to maximize the durability in rice applications. Only available for rice applications.
  • Draper Seal: A draper seal is built into both of the side drapers and travels the entire length of the c-shaped cutterbar, preventing and crop residue from entering the underside of the drapers.
  • V-Guide Draper Tracking: Critical to keep your drapers tracking straight, preventing premature wear to the drapers.
  • Knife Storage: A spare knife can be ordered and installed into the back-tube of any size of FD75  header at the factory.
  • Spring Loaded Stabilizer Wheels Option: The Stabilizer Wheel Kit is ideal for cutting off the ground, by stabilizing the header in undulating ground conditions through the use of spring & shock combination. The cutting height is fully adjustable and can easily be set to a number of cutting height positions. This kit can be used on 30’ (9.1m) and larger headers.
  • Upper Cross Auger Option (Combine): Attached in front of the back tube, the upper cross auger improves feeding of tall, fluffy crop to the center of the draper header. This kit is ideal for straight-cutting high volume crops like canola, mustard and other tall hard to feed plants. This kit can be used on all sizes of headers and are length specific (full width of each header size).
  • Combine Conversion Kit Option - Forward Thinking: Each MacDon Combine Draper Header comes standard with a combine adapter package to fit a specific brand of combine. Should you decide to change combine brands down the road, we offer this kit to allow you to modify your existing header / adapter to fit that different combine brand. It's simple and only takes about 4 hours to complete the conversion. * This kit is required to convert your existing header from one combine brand to another. You will not need this when ordering a new header.
  • Skid Shoes Option - Adjustable: This kit is useful when cutting low to the ground. It acts as a touch-down point when operating on rough or undulating ground. There are two separate packages available - Inboard* (black compression molded) and Outboard Skid Shoes (steel with white poly). The skid shoes are adjustable for without the use of tools. * 30' Draper Headers require only one set of Inboard Skid Shoes while 35' and larger headers require 2 sets.
  • Transport & Stabilizer Package Option: This kit will allow you to transport your draper header from farm-to-field and then quickly switch to field Stabilizer Wheel position by one person. The Transport Package is a simple self-supporting unit with very little hitch weight for simpler hitching. The transport tow pole is a two piece unit that requires no tools to assemble / disassemble and stores on the back tube of the header during harvesting operation. The Stabilizer Wheel application is ideal for cutting off the ground, by stabilizing the header in undulating ground conditions. This kit can be used on 30’ (9.1m) and larger headers.
  • Size/Cutting Width: 40 ft. (12.2 m)
  • Weight - Single Knife Drive: 7589 lb. (3442 kg)
  • Weight - Double Knife Drive: 7789 lb. (3533 kg)
  • Knife: Type / Drive / Speed / Guards: Single or double knife / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath wobble box(es) / 1050 to 1400 SPM, varies depending on header size / Pointed DHT (double heat-treated), strong, mud resistant profile
  • Reel: Type / Drive / Speed / Fingers: Model PR15 pick-up reel, 2-piece (double), flip-over design, cam-leading finger control / Hydraulic / 0 to 67 RPM varies depending on combine model / 11 in (279 mm) length, wear-resistant HD plastic, 6 in (152 mm) spacing
  • Conveyor: Type / Drive / Speed: 41.6 in (1057 mm) width, reversible 24 oz (680.4 g) rubber skim-coated drapers, double V-guide with tracking, integral seal on leading edge / Hydraulic / 0 to 464 ft/min
  • Standard Features: Adapters for most current model combines, hydraulic fore-aft reel positioner, hydraulic header tilt, cutter bar poly wear plates, auto-header height with header angle and ground pressure indicators
  • Field Installed Options: Upper cross auger recommended for tall bushy crops, stabilizer wheels, slow-speed transport with stabilizer wheels and other specialty option kits
All listed weights are approximations and will vary depending on header configuration. Check with your dealer for combine ratings. Weight includes CA25 Combine Adapter. The CA25 Combine Adapter weighs approximately 2050 lb (930 kg); this number varies by combine model.



40 ft. (12.2 m)
Single Knife Drive: 7589 lb. (3442 kg); Double Knife Drive: 7789 lb. (3533 kg)

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