2019 H&S Manufacturing 6122 6100 Series Flex-Frame Wheel Rake

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H&S Manufacturing
6122 6100 Series Flex-Frame Wheel Rake



  • H&S Flex-Frame wheel rakes are available in 16, 18, 20, and 22 wheel models.
  • The rake beams and rake arms feature flex-joints for maximum flexibility over the terrain.
  • The raking wheels are positioned ahead of the rake arms, main frame beams and transport wheels. coupled with a high and wide end of frame, there are no hang-up points or restrictions when raking the heaviest of hay crops.
  • A brake band on each front gauge wheels can be easily adjusted to field conditions.
  • Large independent 60" rake wheels with “Bee Hive" style spring suspension follow the contours of the ground smoothly.
  • A large diameter rake wheel hub is used for added strength to the rake wheel dish.
  • The adjustment for the ground pressure on the rake wheels allows the operator to fine tune the Flex-Frame wheel rakes to fit varying conditions.
  • The rake arms feature 2 ball bearings on each end of the arm for long life, smooth operation, and less wear than rakes with bushings.
  • The 60" diameter rake wheels turn slower for less tooth wear and deliver more capacity.
  • Windrow width adjustment is made by a ratchet jack. A Hydraulic Rear Windrow Width Adjustment is Optional.
  • Rake wheel wind boards are standard on the Flex-Frame Rakes.
  • Each rake beams articulates and flexes independently.
  • Raking widths can be hydraulically adjusted in any position up to the pre-determined raking width. Setting the spring loaded stop allows you to set a pre-determined raking width.
  • Optional rear limited oscillating offset tandem transport wheels assure a smooth, level ride, even over irrigation tracks.
  • A center kicker wheel assembly is optional.
  • Number of Wheels: 22
  • Wheel Diameter: 60"
  • Teeth Per Wheel: 40
  • Tooth Diameter: 7.5mm
  • Rake Wheel Hubs: Ball Bearings
  • Rake Wheel Anti-Wrap Shields: Standard
  • Rake Wheel Suspension: Independent “Bee Hive" Spring
  • Transport Width: 11' 6"
  • Transport Length: 40' 6"
  • Transport Height In Transport Poisition: N/A
  • Maximum Raking Width: 41' 6"
  • Windrow Width Adjustment: 3' To 5'
  • Number of Raking Positions: 6
  • Ground Pressure Rake Wheel Adjustment: Nut/threaded Rod
  • Rake Wheel Wind Panels: Standard
  • Hydraulic Rear Window Adjustment: Optional
  • Hitch Jack: Standard
  • Weight: 8521#
  • Center Kicker Wheel: Optional
  • Hydraulic Requirements: 1 Double Acting Cylinder For Folding
  • Front Gauge Wheels: 4 - 11L x 15
  • Standard Single Rear Transport Wheels: 2 - 11L x 15
  • Optional Tandem Rear Transport Wheels: 4 - 11L x 15
  • Transport Lighting: Optional
Warranty: See Operators Manual for warranty details and limitations. H&S reserves the right to change its products or the description at any time without notice or obligation. Models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Working Width
41 ft. 6 in.
11 ft. 6 in.
8521 lb.

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