2019 H&S Manufacturing 617 Tandem Axle Running Gear

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H&S Manufacturing
617 Tandem Axle Running Gear



  • The H&S heavy running gears - models 415 through 622 - utilize thrust bearings to assure dependable, smooth turning and straight trailing.
  • H&S models 410, 412, 415, 612, 614, and 617 have L-shaped front spindles with structural bracing to withstand high stresses from shock loads.
  • King Pin, Hitch Pin, Spindles, Tie Rod Ends and Tie Rod Steering Pivot Point are all wear protected by replaceable oil impregnated steel bushings and are greaseable as well.
  • The tele-pole is made of structural tubing and the mounting plates have wide spacing between them to reduce sway and increase the strength of the pole.
  • Full Contact Turn Stops distributes the pressure exerted in tight dragging turns along the bolster face - this reduces the possibility of bunk damage or collapse.
  • The tie rod is positioned behind the bolster on all models and is a one-piece design that reduces the number of wear point that could change the toe-in and tracking.
  • ?Running gears from 12 ton on up have 4-bolt brake flanges as standard equipment so that optional hydraulic surge brakes may be installed.
  • ?Front and rear stake pockets wear pockets are standard on ALL MODELS!
  • The spring assist is stanĀ­dard on all models and is adjustable from a light assist to full support.
  • Capacity: 17 Ton
  • Weight w/ Tires: 2480# w/ 16.5L
  • Tread Width: 80"
  • Spindles: 2.75"
  • Hubs: 8 Bolt
  • Bolster: 4" x 8"
  • C-Reach: 3/8" Weldment
  • Wheel Base: 119" To 179" In 10" Increments
  • Standard Wheel: 16.1 x 14
  • Brakes: Opt. Hyd. Surge
  • Wheel Options: N/A
  • Back Hitch: N/A
  • Telescoping Pole: Fixed At 95.5"
Warranty: See Operators Manual for warranty details and limitations. H&S reserves the right to change its products or the description at any time without notice or obligation. Models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



17 Ton
2480 lb.

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