2019 H&S Manufacturing HSM12 Hydra-Swing Merger

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H&S Manufacturing
HSM12 Hydra-Swing Merger



  • H&S Hydra-Swing Mergers distribute material smoothly and evenly without bunching. Save time and money by combining 2 or 3 windrows from 9' to 18' cuts.
  • With the Hydra-Swing style tongue, the merger can be pulled directly behind the tractor or swung out to the right to fit your operation. Hydraulically folding the optional 2', 4', or 6' extension out of the way, and turning the hydraulic valve to the off position, the Hydra-Swing Merger's unique design can also be used for merging small mower conditioner windrow applications.
  • A tractor mounted electric control box directs hydraulic oil flow to swing the tongue or raise and lower the pickup on the Hydra-Swing Mergers.
  • An optional self-contained hydraulic drive kit with P.T.O. pump is available. This feature allows tractors with a minimum 5 G.P.M. hydraulic capacity and 1 remote to operate the merger.
  • A heavy duty 42" wide, ribbed cross conveyor easily accommodates the massive flow of material. A cross conveyor shut-off is optional on all Hydra-Swing Mergers.
  • Replaceable three prong plastic teeth handle the crop gently and the high rear panel prevents spillage over the back.
  • The gauge wheels and crop roller are easily set to crop conditions just by removing and replacing the pins in the desired setting.
  • The pick-up head crop roller is adjustable for height and tension.
  • Both models feature independent head flotation and a 42" cross conveyor belt for hi-capacity.
  • The cross conveyor speeds up when the pickup speed is increased.
  • The right hand side merges, and with the optional inverter shield, the left hand side inverts.
  • Transport lights are standard equipment.
  • Base Unit Width: 15'4"
  • Base Unit Width w/ 2' Optional Extension Extended: 17'4"
  • Base Unit Width w/ 4' Optional Extension Extended: 19'4"
  • Base Unit Width w/ 6' Optional Extension Extended: 21'4"
  • Base Unit Width w/optional Extension Folded: 15'10"
  • Base Unit Height: 5'3"
  • Base Unit Length - Pole Swung In: 22'
  • Base Unit Length - Pole Swung Out: 21'
  • Base Unit Weight - Standard Unit: 4173 lb.
  • Base Unit Weight - Self Contained Unit: 4593 lb.
  • Tire Size (Frame): (1)6.70 x 15 & (2)9.5L x 15
  • Tire Size (Pickup): 5.70 x 8
  • Pickup Width: 12'
  • Replaceable Three Prong Plastic Teeth: Yes
  • Cross Conveyor Width: 42"
  • Tractor Size And Hydraulic Capacity Required Standard Unit: Min. - 70 hp w/ 16 gpm/2000 psi
  • Tractor Size And Hydraulic Capacity Required With Self Contained Unit: Min. - 70 hp w/ 5 gpm/2000 psi
  • Hydraulic Remotes Needed - Standard Unit: 2
  • Hydraulic Remotes Needed - Self Contained Unit: 1
Warranty: See Operators Manual for warranty details and limitations. H&S reserves the right to change its products or the description at any time without notice or obligation. Models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Working Width
12 ft.
15 ft. 4 in.
Recommended HP
Min. - 70 hp w/ 16 gpm/2000 psi

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