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CR Revelation CR7.90



  • Outstanding Capacity: With two world-record-holding combines - the CR10.90 in small grain and the CR8.90 in soybeans - New Holland's superior harvest productivity is well established. For maximum power, choose the 700-horsepower, top-of-the-line CR10.90 with the Cursor 16 engine. The efficient power of FPT Industrial Cursor engines, combined with advanced harvesting technology IntelliCruise™ federate control, CR Revelation Series combines allow you to harvest around the clock.
  • More Productivity: Adjustable Dynamic Flow Control™ rotor vanes mean you can change their position on the go in response to changing crop conditions for up to a 20% increase in productivity and fuel savings with adjustable rotor vanes The deep-cut Dynamic Feed Roll™ (standard on the CR10.90 and optional on all other models), with integrated dynamic stone protection, regulates crop flow into the machine to facilitate smoother threshing and increased capacity. The CR Revelation keeps going as long as you do.
Operator Comfort Features
  • Ultimate Ease In The Harvest Suite™ Ultra Cab: New Holland designed the Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab with more comfort and ease so you stay refreshed and work with precision, even during long day and nights harvesting. This 131 cubic foot cab gives you plenty of space, and at 73dB(A), it is still the quietest cab on the market.
  • Panoramic View: The Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab features 68 square feet of glass. The wide curved window offers a perfect view. The floor slopes down into the front windscreen so that you will have an even clearer view of the edge of the header, and the side glass perfectly follows your headers trajectory for an uninterrupted view of the unloading auger.
  • The Easy Way To See Behind You: Up to three optional viewing cameras can be plugged in each IntelliView™ IV monitor (2nd monitor is optional), and one can be pre-wired for reversing. They are the eyes in the back of your head when unloading, reversing or checking the grain tank level. The standard wide-angle electric mirrors are also easy to position from the comfort of the seat.
  • Bright Lights For Dark Nights: The CR Revelation lighting packages allow for true, 24-hour productivity. You have the choice of a halogen and two LED packages designed to give you maximum visibility of the entire header and the field ahead and behind. You’ll never lose a single grain thanks to a specific unloading auger light. Additional rear lamps allow you to monitor residue. Two lamps located on the side panels illuminate the rear axle to assist with maneuvering and prevent running down standing crop. You can also exit your combine in complete safety courtesy of the entrance light, which remains on for 30 seconds after you’ve switched the combine off.
  • Three Comfortable Seating Options: Choose from three seating options: 1. The standard wide cloth-trimmed seat provides exceptional features and ensures all operators will stay comfortable throughout the longest harvesting day. 2. The optional deluxe cloth-trimmed seat with heating and active ventilation is perfect for the hottest days and the coldest nights, and features fore/aft isolation for even more comfort. 3. The top-of-the-line leather-trimmed seat features all the above and extended vertical travel and automatic weight adjustment that absorbs even the most severe bumps to offer the ultimate in operator comfort and style.
  • Stay Refreshed On The Hottest Days: During long hot harvesting days, the standard integrated fridge under the instructor seat means a refreshing drink is only an arm’s length away. And, it can be removed easily for easy replenishment. The Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) system comes as standard equipment and automatically adjusts fan speed to guarantee accurate temperature to within one degree. The Harvest Suite Ultra cab is definitely the coolest place to be.
Control Features
  • Effortlessly Maximize Your Performance: Intelligent and intuitive automation saves time and enhances harvesting performance. The CommandGrip™ multi-function handle is your right-hand harvesting man. You control all key machine and header parameters, including header height, reel position and unloading engagement. The right-hand console contains less frequently used functions, which are laid out in an ergonomic and logical manner. You monitor machine functions at a glance courtesy of the color IntelliView™ IV display.
  • A Place For Everything: You now have space to store everything you need. A large compartment behind the operator is perfect for stowing away essential documents.
  • Wide-Screen Harvesting: The ultra-wide 10.4-inch IntelliView™ IV color touchscreen display is mounted on rollers so each operator can place the display in the ideal position for them. This intuitive display allows you to monitor all combine functions and change views by simply touching the screen. A second screen can be installed by request and is perfect for IntelliSteer™ auto guidance tasks or for displaying camera views and yield monitoring.
Feeding Features
  • Efficient Feeding That Increases Capacity and Improves Protection: The CR Revelation feeding system features four chains with connecting slats for improved crop flow and even smoother feeding into the Twin Rotors®. The CR line benefits from an impressive header lift capacity for ultimate productivity when working with the very largest headers, and you can choose between the Advanced Stone Protection system or the optional, Dynamic Feed Roll™ system which both ensure the threshing mechanism is always fully protected.
  • Increase Feeding Capacity Up To 15% with Dynamic Feed Roll™ System: This optional on-the-go mechanical system delivers maximum feeding efficiency and integrated dynamic stone detection in extremely stony conditions. The deep cut Dynamic Feed Roll™ system, which is located in front of the rotors, speeds up the crop, for smoother, streamlined feeding, and simultaneously uses an 18-inch-diameter closed beater to automatically direct stones into a dedicated trap located between the feeder and rotors. There’s no stopping, no hesitation, no interruption of the harvesting process. This non-stop harvesting system increases capacity by up to 15% when operating on the stoniest ground. Simply empty the stone trap module during routine maintenance.
  • Advanced Stone Protection System: The unique Automatic Stone Protection System (ASP) uses a detection sensor located under the closed lower drum of the feeder. When a stone is detected, the full width, pivoting ejection door automatically opens and the stone is ejected. The ASP system requires minimal operator input while protecting internal feeding elements for extended machine life.
  • IntelliCruise For Increased Productivity: The IntelliCruise™ automatic crop feeding system automatically matches the forward speed to crop load. A sensor on the feeder driveline continually monitors the demand placed on the header, so in areas of lighter crop, forward speed automatically increases to guarantee the combine works at full capacity through areas of differing yield.
  • Making Blockages A Thing of The Past: New Holland’s unique hydraulic reversing system instantly clears any header and feeder blockages. You can “rock” the header and feeder backward and forward to feed material into the combine and effectively unblock the machine for minimum downtime and maximum harvesting uptime.
Threshing and Separation Features
  • Unrivalled Twin Rotor® Grain Quality: New Holland invented the Twin Rotor® concept over 43 years ago and has refined this evolving technology so that it delivers unmatched efficiency, capacity and grain quality. It’s also a design that is extremely flexible, making it easy to match a CR Revelation combine to various crops, conditions, and operations.
  • Up To 20% More Productivity with Dynamic Flow Control™: Dynamic Flow Control™ is the new cab-controlled remote adjustable rotor vanes system option. With infinitely variable vane position adjustment thru the rotor full length, the system allows you to change crop flow speed for higher productivity and capacity, while reducing power consumption by up to 20%. With easy to separate crops, the Dynamic Flow Control in-cab adjustable vanes can be dialed up, offering up to 75 horsepower savings which translates to less fuel burned per bushel of crop harvested.
  • Rotor Sizes To Match Capacity Needs: New Holland also knows that no two farms are alike, so two different types and sizes of rotor have been developed to match farmer's specific needs. The 17-inch rotors are used on CR6.90 and CR7.90 models, while the CR8.90, CR9.90, and CR10.90 models are equipped with the heavy-duty, high-capacity 22-inch rotors.
  • More Centrifugal Force: Twin Rotors generate 36% to 40% more centrifugal force than any other rotary design, moving the grain quickly for faster separation and maximum throughput. This faster separation virtually eliminates grain damage and loss.
  • Gentle Threshing, Higher Quality: A high level of grain-on-grain rubbing action releases grain quickly and gently—before it comes in contact with metal threshing components. This ensures gentle threshing with minimal damage; the Twin Rotor system delivers outstanding grain quality.
  • S³ Rotors: New Holland’s standard “S³” rotors are Staggered, Segmented and Spiraled to control the crop, moving material evenly rearward without bunching and minimizing grain damage. The CR6.90 and CR7.90 feature 17-inch S³ rotors with two intake flights, while the CR8.90, and CR9.90 feature high-capacity, 22-inch S³ rotors with three intake flights.
  • Optional Twin Pitch Rotors: The Twin Pitch rotors are available for more aggressive separation in difficult harvesting conditions where they can lead to a 10% increase in capacity. They are standard for harvesting rice or optional on all models and perfectly match with the Deep Cut Dynamic Feed Roll™ for ultimate capacity.
  • Concave Flexibility with Quick Reset System: Concaves and separation grates are easy to change if you harvest a variety of crops. Choose between the very finest small wire options for small grains right through to the round bar concaves and grates for corn and soybeans. In the event of concave overload, the new spring breakaway responds, and you can reset the concave remotely from the comfort of the cab. The in-cab concave reset means one person can do the job in a matter of minutes, saving valuable harvest time.
  • Straw Processing: When the straw reaches the end of the rotors, the 15.7-inch-diameter straw flow discharge beater moves and accelerates the straw to the rear of the combine.
  • The Perfect Match Whatever Your Crop: A full range of accessories allows you to customize your CR Revelation combines for your specific needs, including rasp bars, agitation pins, separating wedges, as well as concaves and separator grates.
Cleaning Features
  • The Cleanest Grain Sample: Best-in-class grain quality and the industry’s cleanest grain sample. It must be the CR Revelation. Don’t just take our word for it. In comparative grain sample tests, Twin Rotor® technology beat the competition hands down. The result: a minuscule 0.1% broken grain. How? Thanks to the unique Twin Rotor® concept which ensures in-line crop flow for the gentlest grain handling. Grain quality is further enhanced by award-winning features including the Aggressive Shake and Opti-Clean™ self-leveling cleaning shoe systems with Opti-Fan™ technology.
  • Efficiency From Front To Back: While the cleaning systems on other combines use augers, which actually serve to mix grain and chaff together, the unique New Holland grain pan sets up for efficiency right from the start. Since the large grain pan has no dividers, grain can spread out, stratify and separate easily. When the grain falls from the grain pan, the pre-cleaning sieve improves cleaning efficiency by immediately separating up to 20% of the stratified grain. A long sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne for even greater cleaning efficiency.
  • The Cleanest Grain For The Highest Rewards: With a total area under wind control of 10,075 square inches on the CR8.90, CR9.90, and CR10.90, and 8,370 square inches on the CR6.90 and CR7.90, the CR Revelation cleaning system efficiently handles huge grain volumes. Both the Aggressive Shake shoe and the Opti-Clean™ system optimize the stroke and throwing angles of each of the main components in the cleaning system for higher throughput.
  • Aggressive Shake For A Better-Quality Grain Sample: The aggressive shake system significantly enhances cleaning and throughput. This advanced system improves the transition between the cleaning shoe and the grain elevator and can manage high volumes of grain with ease. Throughput of up to 5,500 bushels per hour is effectively cleaned and processed and a 10% performance increase in high-yielding corn is possible. Select from two sieve positions—a throw angle of 26° for small grain and 36° for corn crops, with a shake angle that can be tailored to suit your individual crop.
  • Exceptional Cleaning Capacity with Opti-Clean™ System: For the highest cleaning capacity in small grain crops such as canola, the Opti-Clean™ system features a grain pan, pre and top sieves that operate independently to optimize the cascade for greater capacity. The longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne, for even higher cleaning efficiency. The opposing motion of the grain pan and bottom sieve to the pre-sieve and the top sieve reduces overall machine vibrations and increases operator comfort.
  • Neutralize Side Slopes of Up To 17%: The self-leveling cleaning system is incredibly efficient on flat ground, and maintains this efficiency on slopes up to 17% and also prevents grain banking on headland turns to reduce grain losses. The entire cleaning system—the grain pan, cleaning fan and sieves—remains level while the lower main frame follows the ground contours. CR Revelation combines operate at full capacity on hillsides, corners and terraces.
  • Gravity Defying Opti-Fan™ Technology: The Opti-Fan™ system compensates for the gravitational effects on crop material during harvesting. Select the desired fan speed on flat ground, and the system automatically adjusts it when going up or downhill to maintain cleaning performance. When travelling on upward slopes the fan slows down to prevent sieve losses, and when tackling downhill gradients fan speed increases to prevent thick material build ups on the sieves. This efficient system requires no extra work from the operator and provides a better grain sample together with reduced losses.
  • Precision Air Flow: The unique CR Revelation Series fan design generates the largest air volume at a constant pressure. The fan has two dedicated openings to direct powerful airstreams to the pre-sieve and the top and bottom sieves for optimum cleaning performance.
  • Adjust Your Sieves From Your Seat: In changing crop conditions, you can adjust the sieves from the comfort of the cab. Open the sieve in heavier crops or reduce the sieve opening in lighter crops to prevent losses and improve efficiency.
  • The CR Revelation Remembers Your Crops: To reduce set-up time between crops or when working in varying crop conditions, CR Revelation combines “remember” up to 50 crop-specific settings for you with push-button Automatic Crop Settings (ACS). Select from pre-installed settings, or program two harvest parameters for each crop, including reel speed and position, rotor speed and concave setting, sieve opening and cleaning fan speed. Just recall these on the IntelliView™ IV monitor when required.
Grain Handling and Storage Features
  • A Super-Size Grain Tank For Super-Sized Performance: Larger grain tank sizes perfectly match the CR Revelation’s high capacity, for less frequent unloading and increased productivity. The extra-long unloading auger matches the performance of the CR Revelation combines with the widest headers.
  • High-Performance Grain Tank: The grain tank on the CR8.90, CR9.90, and CR10.90 Revelation can hold 410 bushels. The grain tank extensions fan out, allowing enough room for grain so you can go longer between unloading, saving you money on grain carting. It means operators spend more time doing what they do best: harvesting. You can choose the optional grain tank covers that can be closed electronically from the comfort of the cab. The covers reduce grain losses when working on steep inclines. The bubble-up auger evenly distributes grain in the tank to assure all available space is utilized.
  • Longer, Stronger and More Accurate: The extra-long unloading spout has been redesigned for perfect compatibility with today’s largest headers. You can fold and unfold the optional folding auger from the comfort of the cab. Folding reduces overall length to facilitate road transport and storage. You control the new pivoting spout using the CommandGrip™ multi-function handle to precisely direct the crop for even more uniform trailer filling. The 4.0-bushels-per-second unloading speed on the CR8.90. CR9.90, and CR10.90 Revelation means you’ll empty the 410-bushel grain tank in under 2 minutes. Choose New Holland for less time unloading and more time harvesting.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Grain: While the CR Revelation sets the industry standard for grain quality, the huge 36- x 22-inch viewing window makes it easy to keep an eye on your grain just the same. Simply glance over your shoulder to keep an eye on grain tank level, or refer to the IntelliView™ IV monitor. If you want to take things a step further, a grain sample flap on the outer operator platform allows you to take a physical sample.
  • Robust Option For Abrasive Crops: For prolonged operation in abrasive crops such as rice, the CR Revelation can be specified with the `abrasive option’. The rotor covers, grain elevator, bubble-up auger and unloading auger are manufactured in heavy-duty materials to withstand prolonged operation in such crops.
Managing Residue Features
  • Flexible Residue Management Suits Your Operation: New Holland offers a comprehensive residue management system that you can tailor to your needs.
  • Chop To Drop Is As Easy As Flicking A Switch: As an option on all Revelation models, you can choose between chopping and dropping using a switch on the right-hand console. It’s simple and fast. No need for tools. No need to change components. No need to even get out of the cab.
  • Chop Fine, Spread Wide: New Holland straw choppers are the perfect match for CR Revelation combine performance, featuring four rows of knives with wind blades installed at the outer edges of the rotor for high spreading capacity. The high, up to 4,000-rpm rotor speed ensures fine chopping and wide spreading of even the heaviest crops. New Holland has enhanced chopping performance even further with the addition of Dual Chop technology. By installing a dedicated rake beneath the chopper rotor, a superfine chop of all material is possible.
  • Traditional Straw Chopping and Spreading: For corn customers who are looking for traditional simplicity, the standard residue management system is an economical and robust solution that guarantees output.
  • Opti-Spread™ Straw Management System: The new air flow chaff spreader system together with the new optional Opti-Spread™ Plus technology ensure even more uniform residue spreading across the full cutting width, resulting in better germination, higher yield, and more grain in the bin year in, year out. The powerful Opti-Spread™ Plus system is mounted behind the straw chopper, and uses two spinning rotors and two adjustable deflectors to evenly distribute chopped straw across the full header width. It meets a wide range of spreading width requirements simply by opening and closing the deflectors. Adjusting the deflectors also controls evenness of spread and neutralizes the effects of side winds or sloping ground. The system includes automatic memory of deflector position to both right and left. You control the system using convenient in-cab controls. The new patented chaff spreader introduces a new concept based on air flow distribution able to reach up to 45 feet with a perfect soil coverage.
  • Straw Ideal For Baling: CR Revelation combine straw is perfect for baling. Twin Rotor® technology offers perfect in-line crop flow, and eliminates the need for aggressive changes in speed and direction. As a result, the straw structure is maintained and breakages are minimal, even when working at the highest outputs. This makes the straw perfect for baling. The deluxe residue management system with PSD™ Positive Straw Discharge provides complete control of chaff and swath, easily changing from chopping to swathing. Use the new airflow chaff spreader to spread chaff or direct it onto the ground, under the straw to be baled.
Engine and Driveline Features
  • 700 HP:The World's Most Powerful Combine: The world-record holding combine, for superior harvest productivity, is now even more powerful with up to 700-horsepower because of the efficient FPT Industrial Cursor 16 Diesel Engine of the Year 2014. This powerful engine, plus the advanced harvesting technology, which includes IntelliSteer® auto guidance, means CR Revelation combines can now harvest even more in a given hour, getting the crop off the field faster and without sacrificing grain quality.
  • Respect For You. For Your Farm. For The Future: New Holland continues as the Clean Energy Leader, committed to making agriculture more efficient while respecting the environment, respecting your farm and your future.
  • ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR Technology For Tier 4B Compliance: All CR Revelation combines are equipped with ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR engines which are Tier 4B compliant. They maintain the impressive 10% fuel savings and transient response established by Tier 4A CR combines. The flagship CR10.90 Revelation is powered by the Diesel Engine of the Year 2014 which features common rail technology for precision fueling and outstanding responsive performance.
  • The ECOBlue Advantage: Breathability: The proven ECOBlue™ technology uses AdBlue/DEF to transform the harmful nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas into harmless water and nitrogen. This after-treatment system is separate from the engine which means the engine only breathes clean, fresh air. What does this mean? Clean running power units that offer improved performance and enhanced fuel economy.
  • Double Up For Efficiency: The CR10.90 Revelation features a dual rotary dust screen which delivers optimal cooling performance for the highest power engine available on a combine today.
  • More Money In Your Pocket: CR Revelation engines not only help to save the environment, they help to save you a nice chunk of change, too—up to 10% savings in fuel! During road transport, engines can run at a low 1600 rpm, further reducing fuel consumption. Moreover, a 25-mph transport speed, which is available across the entire range, saves fuel and cuts transport time so you can increase productivity during harvesting windows.
  • Power-Saving Drivelines: Proven, direct drivelines and the four-speed hydrostatic transmission give you the reliability you appreciate. Simple, efficient positorque variators mean more power for harvesting compared to heavy power-sapping CVT alternatives used by competitive-brand combines.
  • Vast Tire Offering: Select from a wide range of traction and steering tires to suit your individual needs from the narrowest IF 800/70 R38 to negotiate narrow gates up to the largest 900/65/R38 tires with Increased Flexion (IF) Technology which can reduce compaction by up to 35%. A full range of dual traction tire and rubber tracks options are also available to further reduce compaction.
  • Super-Tight Turning: The compact CR Revelations design and impressive 50° steering angle give it a turning circle of under 46 feet. This means tighter headland turns for improved straw quality, and less time turning and more time harvesting.
SmartTrax™ System Features
  • SmartTrax™ Reduce Compaction and Cushion Your Ride: Order a CR Revelation combine factory-equipped with SmartTrax™ rubber tracks, and you not only get superior traction in damp and muddy conditions, you also get decreased soil compaction to enhance soil fertility. SmartTrax rubber tracks offer 60% less soil compaction compared to 520/85R42 duals. Yet you get a turning radius that’s comparable to a 900/60R32 single-wheeled machine. With +/- 10-degree oscillation, SmartTrax move easily over levees, swales and ditches to keep you moving in uneven terrain.
  • Positive, Efficient Drive: The positive lugs on the inner side of the tracks maintain physical contact with the drive wheel for the ultimate in efficient power transmission.
  • Automatic Track Adjustment: Tracks are tensioned automatically when you raise the head to full height or swing the unloading auger out or in—how’s that for convenience? The continuous heavy-duty tensioning system maintains correct track tension for ideal traction. And, this tensioning system is completely separate from the drive wheel for ultimate simplicity and reliability. Another time-saving feature: no daily grease zerks to maintain.
  • Glide Over The Field In Absolute Comfort: Why complicate matters? Simplicity is always the best policy. The SmartTrax with Flex technology features an integrated rubber block suspension system which significantly reduces vibration when compared to a traditional fixed track system. It offers tried and tested, reliable comfort during even the longest harvesting days and in road transport situations. Ride quality is further improved by the three central independent rollers which move in conjunction with the terrain to cushion the operator from even the harshest shocks.
  • Traction Without Question: The SmartTrax trianglular design, together with the rubber cleats on the outer belt, ensure a positive contact with the soil and unsurpassed traction when working on the steepest slopes or in the wettest or dustiest conditions.
  • High Road Speed, Low Operating Cost: Low 1600 engine rpm combined with a high road speed of 19 mph (or optional 25 mph) minimizes the time lost travelling between fields. Fuel economy is further enhanced by the super-low rolling resistance, which offers significant savings over competitor solutions.
Precision Farming Features
  • Choose From A Full Range of New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Solutions For Your CR Combine: You can order your CR Revelation combine with fully integrated IntelliSteer™ auto guidance direct from the factory to start saving money from your first run. The IntelliSteer system is an integral part of the combine’s steering system and uses DGPS or RTK to help ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy as precise as +/- 1 inch. IntelliSteer benefits include less operator fatigue and full, more effective use of header cutting width, which leads to higher capacity every day.
  • Integrated Control Systems: The IntelliSteer™ System uses built-in T3 terrain-compensated correction signals to keep the Navigation Controller III informed of the combine’s orientation (roll, pitch, yaw). An integrated control valve in the hydraulic system converts the signals from the Navigation Controller III into movements of the steering system.
  • NH 372 Receiver: The New Holland 372 antenna receives both DGPS and GLONASS signals and is fully compatible with WAAS, OmniSTAR, or RTK correction. For RTK applications, a slim-profile radio is mounted underneath the receiver. The antenna is positioned on the top of the grain tank to improve signal reception and enhance operation.
  • IntelliView IV: Visible Intelligence: Use the standard IntelliView™ IV monitor to set up the optional IntelliSteer™ auto guidance system. You can program a variety of guidance paths, from straight A-B runs to complex adaptive curves. You can also personalize your settings and transfer information from your combine, direct to your precision farming software package.
  • Corn Guidance: Corn heads are available with automatic row guidance to keep your CR Revelation combine perfectly on the row. Two sensors continuously monitor the position of the crop entering the head, and automatically guide the combine to ensure true perpendicular entry—even in poor visibility or at high speeds. The system can also be linked to a GPS positioning system, which can distinguish between cut and uncut rows, for night harvesting and advanced harvesting activities such as skip row functionality.
  • Levels of Accuracy and Repeatability: New Holland offers a wide range of accuracy options, allowing you to select the right IntelliSteer™ system to match your needs and budget. When using RTK correction with the IntelliSteer system, you enjoy year-over-year repeatability.
  • Rtk Base Station: For the highest degree of accuracy, use an RTK base station that broadcasts a correction signal that allows you to achieve a pass-to-pass accuracy of +/- 1 inch.
  • Integrated Monitoring For Increased Yield and Crop Quality: CR Revelation combines are engineered with precision farming features right at their heart. Yield information is continually updated and displayed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor. This data can be stored, downloaded and analyzed with precision farming software to establish accurate yields maps. These can be used to fine tune inputs to maximize yields and minimize input costs.
  • Real-Time Moisture Sensing: New Holland’s moisture sensor measures grain moisture in real time. It takes samples every 30 seconds and sends the data to the IntelliView™ IV monitor. The operator is kept continually informed and can adapt machine parameters accordingly.
  • Best-In-Class Yield Sensor For Accurate Yield Mapping: New Holland’s exclusive, patented, high-accuracy yield sensor is generally recognized as best in class. Its design neutralizes the rubbing effect of grain. Whatever the kind, the variety or the moisture content of the kernel, the sensor generates an extremely accurate yield measurement. And, calibration is performed just once a season*, and the system then automatically adapts to changing crops and conditions. You get hands-off operation for ultimate harvesting simplicity. *Requires one-load calibration per crop types with significant yield variation
  • PLM® Connect: Manage Your Machines From The Comfort of Your Office: PLM® Connect enables you to connect to your combine and other equipment from the comfort of your office or on-the-go with a mobile device. You can stay in touch with your machines at all times, and you can even send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity. The entry-level PLM® Connect Essential package offers the most frequently used features or upgrade to the PLM® Connect Professional package for full machine monitoring and control.
  • Professional Customer Support: PLM Portal: New Holland created the PLM portal to support New Holland customers who have purchased Precision Farming and Auto Guidance products. Available to all New Holland customers, visit www.newhollandplm.com today. Once you have signed in, you have unlimited access to the most advanced information on all New Holland Precision Farming and Auto Guidance systems. There is also a section dedicated to training videos and customer support information.
Service and Support Features
  • CR Revelation combines are designed to spend more time working and less time on maintenance. After all, we all know how precious time in the field is during short harvesting seasons.
  • Top Service™ Breakdown Assistance: Your peace of mind is our top priority. That’s why your CR Revelation combine is backed by New Holland Top Service including Breakdown Assistance. When you engage Top Service during an unscheduled service event, New Holland dealers are able to expedite parts deliveries, provide equivalent loaner units, and provide solutions that are unmatched in the industry in order to keep you working. See your New Holland dealer for more details. Some exclusions or limitations may apply.
  • More Harvest Time Between Servicing: Compare the long, 600-hour service intervals with the competition, and you’ll get more uptime, less service downtime, for more efficient harvesting throughout the harvest season.
  • Lubrication Assistance: After applying grease, the driver can engage in the IntelliView IV an procedure that will automatically actuate the rotor variator to evenly spread grease thru the full shaft length by varying the speed range from minimum to maximum, and returning at the end of the procedure to the initial setup.
  • Automatic Cleanout: The Cleanout system simplifies cleaning between crops. It automatically increases the speed and opens all functional components, then resets everything back to their prior settings.
  • Simple Access: All service points are easy to access. You can check engine and hydraulic oil at a glance, without the need to open complicated panels. The CR Revelation introduces the yellow color at the rotor upper frame and grain tank to improve visibility and help on the daily inspections and maintenance.
  • Optional Hand-Washing Tank: The optional water tank is integrated at the cab ladder and has a soap dispenser, which is ideal for washing hands after connecting the heade.
  • Dealer-Installed Accessories: A comprehensive range of approved accessories to optimize machine performance in all conditions can be supplied and fitted by your dealer.
  • Grain tank, extensions/covers, bushels: 315/350/326
  • Rated engine power @ 2100rpm, hp: 408
  • Maximum engine power @ 2000rpm, hp: 449



Horse Power
408 hp


Grain Tank Capacity
315/350/326 bu.

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